Order of Consumption:

#1 Master Cleanse: Greenest #3, Cleaner #10, Rootier #6, Alkaline Tonic #13, Fresh & Clean #11, Almond Nut Mylk #15

#2 Vitamin Guru: Greenest #3, Fresh & Clean #11, Greener #2, Rootier #6, Alkaline Tonic #13, Almond Nut Mylk #15

#3 Repair & Enhance: Greener #2, Root Guru #8, Greenest #3, Rootier #6, Green #1, Alkaline Tonic #13

#4 Signature Detox: Fresh & Clean #11, Greenest #3, Fresh & Clean #11, Clean #9, Clean #10, Almond Nut Mylk #15

+ Chlorophyll H20 #14.5, Aloe Vera H2O #14: These waters can be consumed at any time during the day

Before/During/After Instructions:

Before: Two - three days before your cleanse juice, you should avoid certain foods and substances; meats and poultry, raw fish, refined starches like bread and pasta, dairy and eggs, sugar, alcohol and nicotine. Ideally you should be eating raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, vegetable broths, and soups. Drink plenty of water. Did you know that the part of the brain that signals hunger is the same part that signals thirst? Often, we mistake hunger for thirst. So, drink up, your body is thirsty for pure H20! Try to eat as clean as you can. This will prepare you for the days to follow.

During: During your juice cleanse phase, juicing will promote cleansing and purification. The release of toxins during this phase will also help to minimize the need to produce free radicals in the body which can ultimately cause premature aging, excess growths (such as tumors and cysts), and cancer. Free radicals are generated in the body to help rid the body of toxins, viruses, germs and fungi. Some causes of overproduction of free radicals include, poor air and water quality, denatured and excess fatty foods, radiation, computers, cell phones, cigarette smoke and alcohol. During this phase your body will be allowed to restore balance and promote the healing process of any weakness, deficiencies and/ or excesses. Your body will start to encourage growth and repair and promote inner strength essentially building a solid foundation to outer physical strength. You may experience a higher level of clarity and focus which can provide mental stimulation needed to sustain increased energy levels. The increase in clarity will affect energy levels both physically and mental.

After: Well done! With the allure of solid food closer than ever, you are probably wondering how to come out of this and maintain the results of all your hard work. It's likely that whatever indulgences you were enjoying only last week are probably not the first thing that appeal. You might even find that your attitude towards food has changed entirely, and you're craving new and different (and ridiculously healthy) things now. Well, good for you! So now you’re going to have to eat some real food again, and the key word here is SLOWLY! Ease into your routine by slowly introducing things back into your system. Use common sense when it comes to coffee, dairy and meat. You don't want to shock your system back into reality. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. Tip: Foods that are "dense” are hardest to digest and will therefore present the most trouble for you. You don't want a wave of nausea ruining your first taste of solids. So even if you're craving brown rice like the dickens, it's best to hold off at least a day.

A sample menu before the cleanse:

Breakfast: Fruit - melon, mango, watermelon or other fruit (try not to mix fruits as it gives your digestive system extra work!)

Lunch: Fruit again or any combination of the following: Cucumber, avocado, leafy greens, celery - add some lemon juice & olive oil to make a salad.

Dinner: Warm vegetable broth (low-sodium!), cucumber or avocado salad, mixed greens salad, arugula or spinach salad, lemon juice, olive oil (you get the picture). If you must eat a cooked dinner, keep it to lightly steamed or sauteed.

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