Cold-Pressed Juice, Raw Smoothies & Acai Bowls


As your premier source of flavor and nutrition, Juice Crafters is the juice bar residents love: offering dazzling blends of the highest quality
fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to enhance your health and metabolism.

the unadulterated perfection that only nature can provide.

in the sweet symphony of flavors from fruits and vegetables that are at the peak of ripeness.

and boost your immune system.

your active lifestyle with nutrition, and help your body thrive.

your system with enriching vitamins and minerals that are essential for well-being.

Be Better, Feel Better, and Do Better—for your body and soul.


Welcome to Juice Crafters—we're excited to help you rejuvenate your life! From crafting delicious smoothies, to pressing the yummiest cold pressed juice. Our philosophy is simple: live well and be well! We think that's easiest when you're putting good, nutritious stuff into your body.

We sell juices that will refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate your mind and body in ways you may never have known possible. So, what makes them so great?

When we set out to provide a juice cleanse that residents would love, we didn't just want to ride the fad, we wanted to create a proven process for healthier, better living. As such, our cold-pressed juice method is 80 years old, and uses a hydraulic press system that's designed for minimal exposure of the fruit to harmful heat and air—so you're getting juice so fresh, it may seem as if it were made by the trees themselves!

Our master pressers use over 10 tons of pressure to squeeze all the nutrients from the fruit, preserving the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make them so good for you, rather than just leaving empty sugar-drinks like many juice companies create.

Being a juice bar the residents trust, we didn't just want to create juices that tasted delicious. Our passion for healthy and happy living gave us a desire to assist our customers in creating cleanses that they can depend on for a renewed mind and body.

Come in for the delicious acai bowls the foodies love, and leave with a delicious plan for resetting your body's internal system. Bring balance back into your body by eliminating toxins, free radicals, and other harmful agents that get collected from all the stresses of life.

Our juices are infused with greens, vitamins, and organic produce that will help you to detox, repair, and strengthen the parts of your life that have gotten out of balance. Maximize your health, boost your performance at work, home, or school, and feel invigorated to seize a happier, healthier tomorrow!

Don't let a poor diet get in the way of you enjoying all that life is calling you to: whether you are stuck on the 405 freeway near Brentwood in need of a quick boost of that pressed juice Los Angeles is going crazy for, or you're cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach and want to make your day even brighter—stop in to one of our several Juice Crafters locations and see how we can help rejuvenate you today!

  • Fantastic!

    My husband and I have now done the Master Cleanse and the Vitamin Guru and have loved both. I have had juices from other DTLA joints and they just don't compare to these. While we actually do a "Reboot" because we eat raw fruits and veggies for additional fuel during the cleanse, the second and third day of both cleanses you feel FANTASTIC and ready to take on the day. The cleanse also helps keep away cravings for junk food and makes you want to eat your veggies for a while after- it's like an automatic reset (which is why we will continue to try and do this at least twice a year to get our bodies back in tip top happiness). Also, everyone is always super helpful at the DTLA location- thank you for putting our a superb product that enforces healthy eating/ healthy living balance!

  • First time juice cleanse

    First time I've ever limited myself in anyway. Never done any sort of cleanse. Having a juice every 2 hours was perfect. I bought fresh veggies in case I needed to smack. Suprisingly I didn't feel hungry and am excited to do a longer cleanse real soon.