Stay healthy and vibrant by drinking cold-pressed juice

 Most folks understand the need for incorporating fresh fruits or vegetables in their daily eating habits but sadly fail to grasp the importance of getting the needful nutrients into their systems. Take most juices in the market, for instance, that many uninformed individuals consider to be nutritious and useful to their health. Nevertheless, consuming these products can in fact be detrimental to one’s health. Drinking such juices is really quite useless in helping to keep one’s health in tiptop condition.

 The preparation process of such juices is what reduces their capacity to be nutritious as it lowers or even destroys the nutrients that are found in the meager fruits or veggies they are extracted from. Two great culprits of this process are the oxidation (addition of air) and heating procedures that most juice manufacturing firms pass their raw products through. These two in effect kill most if not all the vital nutrients, enzymes and minerals that are naturally found in the fruits and veggies.

 After decades of research Juice Crafters made cold pressed juice available to LA's local community at their store in Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Downtown LA. Cold-pressed juice is processed by juicers that is pressing instead of the chopping and slicing action typical of normal juicers. Pressing doesn’t produce any heat or allow air into the pulp hence it enables the fruit and vegetable ingredients like nutrients, minerals, enzymes and even fiber to remain intact throughout the juicing process.

 This process thus culminates in healthy and nutritious cold pressed juice from which the body can absorb essential ingredients. Consequently, such juices have been found to be extremely useful in helping to regulate the body’s critical functions, preventing certain diseases, boosting the immune system, and even cleansing it of harmful toxins. These juices have also been proven to possess invaluable medicinal attributes. For example, pineapple juices have been noted to sooth sore throats and ginger juices are known to ease nausea.

 One particularly beneficial cold pressed juice variety is that extracted from green vegetables. This juice type is currently rated to have arguably the highest quantity of nutrients as compared to any other food type. It is extremely rich in vital vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Iron is essential in blood production, vitamins are key players in boosting the immune system against diseases, and calcium is vital in the formation of strong and healthy bones.

 Additionally, cold pressed juice that has been extracted from green vegetables aids in maintaining appropriate pH levels in the body by virtue of containing crucial Omega-3 fatty acids that minimize detrimental cholesterol build up in the body. Drinking this juice has been noted to be helpful in curbing the cropping up of heart disease and some kinds of cancer of the body.

Product's Reviews

  • Fantastic!

    My husband and I have now done the Master Cleanse and the Vitamin Guru and have loved both. I have had juices from other DTLA joints and they just don't compare to these. While we actually do a "Reboot" because we eat raw fruits and veggies for additional fuel during the cleanse, the second and third day of both cleanses you feel FANTASTIC and ready to take on the day. The cleanse also helps keep away cravings for junk food and makes you want to eat your veggies for a while after- it's like an automatic reset (which is why we will continue to try and do this at least twice a year to get our bodies back in tip top happiness). Also, everyone is always super helpful at the DTLA location- thank you for putting our a superb product that enforces healthy eating/ healthy living balance!

  • First time juice cleanse

    First time I've ever limited myself in anyway. Never done any sort of cleanse. Having a juice every 2 hours was perfect. I bought fresh veggies in case I needed to smack. Suprisingly I didn't feel hungry and am excited to do a longer cleanse real soon.