Juice Cleanse Orange County

Juice Crafters is proud to be providing a juice cleanse Orange County residents can take advantage of right in their own back yard. For years, we've been providing residents of the OC a healthy, rejuvenating way to better themselves, their bodies and their minds, to get the most out of that beautiful sunshine and coast.

Whether you're sick of getting stuck on the 55 freeway headed towards Newport, or your energy is running low over at Fashion Island, we're the juice bar Orange County was made for, promoting healthy values, organic ingredients, and results that will save you all the expense of pills, surgeries, and memberships you'll never use!

We're all about creating a healthier lifestyle, not just a one-and-done solution that doesn't deliver on it's promises. More than just creating delicious smoothies and juices, we've crafted an art from with our cleanses, diets and detoxes, and made a way for our customers not just to enjoy our drinks, but feel better for life.

What's the Point of a Cleanse?

Sometimes people think that our pressed juice Orange County customers love so much is just a part of a fad, that it might be another one of those empty, sugar-filled juices that really just makes you feel worse. But that's not what we do all, our system is proven different right from the start to bring you the most satisfying results.

Here's how it starts: as if the Amtrak Surfliner was running over the fruit as it passed through San Clemente station, we use a cold-press system that puts ten tons of pressure down on our fruit, to get the most goodness out of ever drop.

Cold pressed juice is more effective than normal juicers because it's a system that's been devised to give the fruit the least exposure to heat and air, so when you sip that delicious juice you're getting freshness that feels like your drinking straight from the trees and plants our fruit and veggies came from. It also locks in all of those vital nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that boost your overall health and immune system.

Who doesn't want to bring balance back into their life? The juice detox Orange County customers get from our cleanse doesn't just “flush your system,” it restores the energy and vitality that you may never have truly experienced before! Don't just sharpen your physical body, sharpen your mind and spirit. Our juice cleanse is a serious step in the right direction, because it removes the toxins in your body that build up over time, and evacuates all of the free radicals that can lead to poor health.

You'll notice a difference in your skin, hair, teeth and bones, as well as a boost in your overall performance at work and home. You'll strengthen and improve your lifestyle, because you're getting in some cases 20lbs of organic produce—far more than most can pack into their daily diet.

We pride ourselves in providing convenient healthy living, because we want to empower our customers to be their best today!

What Are You Waiting For?

Take control of your health! The juice diet Orange Country residents can get at Juice crafters is a 100%, all-natural, organic produce-filled program that in a matter of days cleanse your body of harmful toxins, cleanse your colon, improve your heart health, balance your internal systems, and invigorate your mind.

Rid your body of the harmful buildups that the daily stresses of life bring: detox, repair, and strengthen your body, and you'll feel an immediately difference in how much you enjoy your life, your work, and your relationships.

We using a juicing process that's been developed over the last 80 years, proven to provide you with essential nutrients that will bring you lasting results. Stop in for a quick smoothie or acai bowl, and leave with a plan to cleanse your body and get your health back on track.

Whether you're enjoying a day down in Dana Point, or you're working up the PCH for a day in Huntington Beach, a stop off at Juice Crafters is a surefire way to vitalize yourself for the best day possible. Guard yourself from getting sick, lower your cholesterol, or get rid of that hangover fast. Stop by Juice Crafters to see how you can get rejuvenated today!

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