Vitamin Guru | 3 Day Cleanse

Invigorate your body & mind with massive amounts of vitamins & minerals coming from over 20 lbs of fresh organic produce geared to energize, replenish & flush your system. Perfect as a repeat cleanse & step-up cleanse.

8 Bottles per day including:
Greenest #3
Cleanse Guru #12
Greener #2
Rootier #6
Cleaner #10
Alkaline Tonic #13
Almond Nut Milk #15
Aloe-Vera H2O ( Complimentary)

*All 24 bottles will be ready at time of  pickup.

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Vitamins N/A
Usage Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Energy, Immune System, Kidney / Liver Detox
Cleanse Type 3 Day Cleanse
  1. Fantastic! Review by Meg

    My husband and I have now done the Master Cleanse and the Vitamin Guru and have loved both. I have had juices from other DTLA joints and they just don't compare to these. While we actually do a "Reboot" because we eat raw fruits and veggies for additional fuel during the cleanse, the second and third day of both cleanses you feel FANTASTIC and ready to take on the day. The cleanse also helps keep away cravings for junk food and makes you want to eat your veggies for a while after- it's like an automatic reset (which is why we will continue to try and do this at least twice a year to get our bodies back in tip top happiness). Also, everyone is always super helpful at the DTLA location- thank you for putting our a superb product that enforces healthy eating/ healthy living balance! (Posted on 5/12/15)

  2. First time cleansing! Review by Mads

    I wasn't sure what to expect before doing this cleanse but it ended up being great! I did the three day cleanse and was never hungry. Some days I actually had a hard time finishing all the juices because I was full! All the juices taste fresh and you wake up looking and feeling so refreshed! I would definitely recommend to anyone and will for sure do one again!!! (Posted on 4/3/14)

  3. Great, balanced cleanse Review by Morgan

    I have done a juice cleanse on my own and a juice cleanse from juice crafters and I have to say, not cleaning my juicer 6 times a day was AMAZING! :)

    I loved almost all the juices on this cleanse, although a few of them were too sweet for my taste. There were so many new juices that I had not tried before so it was a great way to learn about the products Juice Crafters has to offer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try out a cleanse. (Posted on 4/3/14)

  4. Awesome Review by Vitamin

    Love love love the cleanses from this place!! (Posted on 11/18/13)

  5. addicted Review by Vera R

    great organic mix and tasty cleanses.
    very fresh, made same day
    will do every 3 months
    (Posted on 9/16/13)

  6. Amazing juice cleanse! Review by Halley

    I love all the juices in the cleanse guru program and feel amazing after three days. This is was my second juice cleanse with juice crafters and has helped transform the way I eat on a regular basis. (Posted on 6/10/13)

  7. Great cold pressed juice Review by Kelli

    Delicious juices, great variety. This was at the top of the cold-pressed juice places I've tried. I'd definitely go back (Posted on 5/12/13)

  8. Great juice detox Review by Nick P.

    I started my 3-day juice cleanse with Juice Crafters, which consisted of 8 bottles which replace solid foods for the duration of the juice cleanse. I drank every bottle at the specified times as shown in the flyer I received from the person at the store. The instructions were easy to follow and I felt very lightweight throughout the day and didn't feel hungry at all. On my 3 day of the juice cleanse I was feeling that my solid foods craving is getting the best of me so I had a piece of celery and carrot as advised by the person at the downtown store.
    Having my body go through a juice cleanse and continue without failing was a big surprised for me as I am the type of guy that loves eating a lot, now I am considering going veggie only for a few month as it made me realize how much more energy I have if I only do fruits and vegetables.
    Never thought a juice detox will make such big difference in the way my body functions. (Posted on 4/29/13)

  9. Best cold pressed juices Review by Gabi

    When talking about juicing I can say I am a pro, I am coming from a family of juicers and since I was a baby I was given 1-2 juices per day. I can tell when a juice is made with love and when its not. Juice crafters cold pressed juices are simply amazing! I tried kreation and pressed juicery juice cleanse and they just dont taste as good. I finished my juice cleanse 3 days ago and I feel better then ever. I dont think a juice cleanse should not be done too often but I it is something everyone should try because your body starts loving you back and it feels awesome! Thank you juice crafters! (Posted on 3/23/13)

  10. Great! Review by eyitsemily

    Juices: delicious, great quality, a lot of juice for the price you pay
    Staff: very friendly
    Overall: great purchase, would do it again (Posted on 2/5/13)

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