Juice Crafters is a one of a kind, neighborhood organic Juice Bar which offers a veggie detox that will restore and replenish both body and mind.   This Brentwood Juice Bar provides rejuvenating and health enhancing juice cleanses that will bring vitality to your life. Drinking from an organic juice bar is a lifestyle. Choosing to take control of your body and well being is essential in achieving long-term health physically and mentally, which is why we say “live well and be well.”

 The benefits of a veggie detox are experiencing the purification process. By having the ability to treat your body daily to the essential ingredients our veggie detox provides, you are able to release toxins and restore the bodies’ natural balance. The release of toxins during this phase will help to minimize the need to produce free radicals in the body which can ultimately cause premature aging, excess growths (such as tumors and cysts) and cancer.  Participating in Juice Crafters’ veggie detox will alter the body both physically and mentally. Physically, you will have healthier skin, bones, gain cardiovascular support, lower blood pressure, help fight respiratory problems, cleanse the stomach and colon, receive headache relief and obtain nutrients and vitamins. Mentally you will have a clearer mind and feel more alert and fit. 

As the local organic juice bar, it is our responsibility to provide the best ingredients and avoid using any artificial sweetness so that our customers can enjoy tasty, low calorie drinks.  Our veggie detox not only tastes good but makes the body feel good as well.

This juice cleanse helps eliminate toxic buildup and enrich your body with more abundant nutrients that will rejuvenate both body & mind. Master Cleanse is designed for those who wish to improve their day-to-day lifestyle & help balance their inner system.
This juice cleanse will Invigorate your body & mind with massive amounts of vitamins & minerals coming from over 20 lbs of fresh organic produce geared to energize, replenish & flush your system. Perfect as a repeat juice cleanse & step-up cleanse.
Clear out free radicals that can cause premature aging, mental fogginess & illnesses. This juice detox program will detoxify, repair & strengthen your body. Infused with mega amounts of vitamins derived from leafy greens & vegetables aimed to rebuild & maximize your body's health levels.

Product's Reviews

  • 1st juice cleanse

    I loved the way this juice cleanse made me feel. I've never done one before and was very nervous about how my body would take it. All the juices were delicious and I felt so good throughout the process. I didn't care for the almond milk or the aloe water, but the juices themselves were fantastic. The cleanse was very easy to follow. I definitely recommend this cleanse for beginners and veterans alike!

  • Great cleaner!

    I make sure this juice is in every one of my cleanses. It's delicious and it really cleans you out!