Juice Crafters' raw Juice vs HPP pasteurized Juice

Juice Crafters' raw Juice vs HPP pasteurized Juice

What is High Pressure Pasteurization?

   * High Pressure Pasteurization or Pascalization / Processing (HPP) is based on the Le Chatelier principle which states that actions that have a net volume increase will be retarded and actions that have a net volume decrease will be enhanced

   * HPP utilizes isostatic or hydrostatic pressure which is equal from every direction

   * During HPP, foods are subjected to pressures up to 100,000 psi. which destroy pathagenic microorganisms by interrupting their cellular functions

   * Within a living bacteria cell, many pressure sensitive processes such as protein function, enzyme action, and cellular membrane function are impacted by high pressure resulting in the inability of the bacteria to survive.  Small macromolecules that are responsible for flavor, order, and nutrition are typically not changed by pressure

   * HPP is gaining in popularity within the food industry because of its capacity to inactivate pathogenic microorganisms with minimal to no heat treatment, resulting in the almost complete retention of nutritional and sensory characteristics of fresh food without sacrificing shelf-life

  So if you want to have juice that tastes and looks good and has a longer shelf life but doesn't have the same enzyme activity HPP Pasteurized / Pascalization juice is just fine. If you want a fully nutritional juice that hasn't had any process try Juice Crafters raw cold-pressed juice and start rejuvenating your body with the healthiest and most nutrients rich juice in the world.

It doesn't matter if the big companies want to call it HPP / High Pressure Processed /  Pascalization or High Hydrostatic Pressure the truth is simple, raw juice not suppose to be sitting on the shelf for 10-14 days , it defeats the purpose of filling your body with live enzymes and nutrients.


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